Idiomorphs: Barbara Lattanzi, Selected Works I

Idiomorphs: Barbara Lattanzi, Selected Works 1974-2014 was presented at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in February of 2015 as part of the organization’s 40th Anniversary programming. The screening offered a career retrospective of Lattanzi’s film, video and generative software works. (See the Screening Notes, embedded below, for more information)


Pop-up installation: “A Teakettle’s Thermal Beings” (2014)

In this live cinema performance, a water-filled glass teapot works as a lens, which turns the movement of boiling water upside down when projected, while the outline of the teapot, itself, remains right-side up because it is just a shadow. Within a tangle of projective shadows, an observable process takes place. The thermal beings not only compute a circular (convecting) current, but also maintain this rotational circuit in a rhythmic equilibrium, forming an inside- outside structure for a brief, but intense, duration.


Screening Notes