Idiomorphs: Barbara Lattanzi, Selected Works I

Idiomorphs: Barbara Lattanzi, Selected Works 1974-2014 was presented at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in February of 2015 as part of the organization’s 40th Anniversary programming. The screening offered a career retrospective of Lattanzi’s film, video and generative software works. (See the Screening Notes, embedded below, for more information)

An excerpt from an audience sing-a-long. C-SPAN KARAOKE is original software designed by Barbara Lattanzi that displays media that streams from public archives of the website, along with karaoke tunes gleaned from various free offerings on the web. An example of Lattanzi’s live cinema software, the louder the audience sings, the more the video sways and spins. (click to enlarge or view on Vimeo)


Pop-up installation: “A Teakettle’s Thermal Beings” (2014)

In this live cinema performance, a water-filled glass teapot works as a lens, which turns the movement of boiling water upside down when projected, while the outline of the teapot, itself, remains right-side up because it is just a shadow. Within a tangle of projective shadows, an observable process takes place. The thermal beings not only compute a circular (convecting) current, but also maintain this rotational circuit in a rhythmic equilibrium, forming an inside- outside structure for a brief, but intense, duration.


Screening Notes