Idiomorphs: Barbara Lattanzi, Selected Works II

Idiomorphs: Barbara Lattanzi, selected works
The following Vine videos document performances that were part of  Idiomorphs: Barbara Lattanzi, selected works curated by Laura McGough for Microscope Gallery, October 2015. Idiomorphs offered a career survey Barbara Lattanzi’s film, video and generative software work.

Click on the “V” located in the upper right hand corner to watch athe videos on Vimeo.

1. documentation of a performance of Lattanzi’s “Unwriting” software — a series of improvised riffs, remediating the 1936 film, “Blood on Wolf Mountain.”


2. documentation of Lattanzi’s performance of “Drawing Organ.” Drawings have behaviors. Graphite lines, when combined with simple low-voltage circuitry and the human body’s largest organ (flesh), can be synesthetic and can express surprising sound textures.