Select Recent Curatorial Projects + Early Web-based Projects

Analog Futures
The String Room Gallery
Wells College
September 1 – October 14, 2016

Analog Futures Exhibition Booklet


Jason Bernagozzi, Cathodic vernacular (2016)

Analog Futures brings together work by artists who explore the materiality of the machines and electronic devices that deliver images and information to us. In Analog Futures, television sets and computer black boxes, cathode ray tubes and VHS videotape, are transformed into sculptural objects, repurposed and reanimated to reveal the internal electronics that power video monitors, the visual glitches that underlie computer circuitry, and the magnetic tape that mysteriously holds video imagery. Featuring work by Brandon Barr, Jason Bernagozzi, LoVid, and pioneering video artist, Aldo Tambellini.

Jaimes Mayhew: Cut Piece With Transgendered Body (After Yoko Ono)
Live Video Stream
Cranbrook Academy of Art, March 2016


In Cut Piece With Transgender Body (After Yoko Ono), Jaimes Mayhew performed a live, streaming rendition of Yoko Ono’s famous work that invited audience members to cut a away pieces of her clothing. In the online version, trans-identified docents cut clothing away from Mayhew’s body following commands submitted by viewers via live chat.

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center 40th Anniversary
Programming curated for Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center’s 40th Anniversary celebrations (2014/2015): Idiomorphs 1974-2104: barbara lattanzi, selected works and Rewind: Buffalo Video Art, 1985-1995


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Devouring Technologies (2008)


Curated for Feeding Frenzy, a symposium on food and performance hosted by the Performance Studies Department at NYU. Devouring Technologies featured installations by Steve Bradley, Kelly Dobson and Tectonic Industries.

Early Web-based Exhibitions (1997-2000)

As I member of the new media collective NOMADS, I organized a number of early on-line exhibition initiatives including Audiophfile, a six-part sound art series, and Open Spaces/Linked Locations, an exhibition series dedicated to new


Open Spaces