Reading the Open Letter

excerpts from “Reading the Open Letter” (2013-ongoing)
“Reading the Open Letter” is a series of public readings of letters, manifestos and statements written by artists. The texts address issues ranging from artist pay and censorship to the inclusion of women and artists of color in museum collections. The readings are part of an ongoing research project that seeks to make visible an archive of artists’ resistance to institutional hegemony.


13 Demands
In February 1969 the Art Workers Coalition presented a list of ‘13 Demands’ to the Museum of Modern Art, New York, dealing with issues of artists’ rights and the representation of female and ethnic minority artists.

Dear Arts Administrator
An open letter to the institution from W.A.G.E., 2009.



Template for a letter to art institutions that advertise unpaid internships
The Precarious Workers Brigade offer this letter as a template that can be adjusted to the specific status of the institution in question.



Joseph DiDonato Statement
A statement by Joseph DiDonato read at the Open Hearing organized by the Art Workers Coalition at the School of the Visual Arts on April 10, 1969. Written statements were collected (some of which were read and some of which were not) and the proceedings were later transcribed. The statements were published in book form by the AWC under the title Open Hearing.



Gustav Metzger: Art Strike 1977-1980
A call for artists to withdraw their labour for a minimum of 3 years, written in 1974 by Gustav Metzger.