The Purple State: Part 2

On November 11th I’ll be presenting as part of the Purple States, an election week event sponsored by the Techne Institute at the University at Buffalo (see below)

November 11, 2016
Screening Room
Center for the Arts, SUNY at Buffalo, North Campus
Free and open to the public, 4pm-6pm
 Three Parts:
4 pm-5 pm 

A panel discussion commenting the election process through social media networks. Co-moderated by Harvey Palmer and Franck Bauchard

Tero Karppi
Assistant Professor of Media Theory, Dep of Media study, UB

Rebecca Bryan
PhD Student, research focus on political behavior, specifically political participation, social networks and social media.

Jacob Neiheisel
Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, UB

Nikolaus Wasmoen
Postdoctoral fellow in English, Digital Humanities at UB

Harvey D. Palmer
Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Political Science

Franck Bauchard
Director of Techne Institute, Associate professor Arts management program

 5 pm -5.30 pm 

“Four More Years: Media Artists + Election Interventions”
A presentation from Laura McGough

Laura McGough is a media art historian, curator and educator based in Buffalo, NY. She is currently a PhD student in the Department of Media Study. Her research focuses on liveness within the media arts.

 5:30 pm-6 pm

Digital performance from Valérie Cordy

The Asteroid
Valérie Cordy uses the metaphor of the asteroid for her digital happenings, considering its fundamental characteristic of being, above all, an independent being, responding to the laws of mechanics, but not to those of orbital habits that the ether makes us think as immanent.

On stage, Valérie Cordy, through her asteroids, captures the flow of data in relation to the contexts and specific paths: disaster in Haiti, financial crisis, etc. Her asteroid integrates that flow to return it in a powerful live moment, thanks to digital technologies that enable to deconstruct this data and turn it into strong and meaningful messages, giving to decrypt the world differently

Valérie Cordy is the director of the Fabrique de Théâtre, as well as a theater director and digital artist.